With your car by your side, you probably feel on top of the world. This is because you have the freedom to go anywhere you want, whenever you want. However, once your car is no longer working or it’s time for an upgrade, it’s probably the perfect time to look into Mitsubishi wreckers Auckland. Even though you might think that selling privately might be the best option, you may actually end up getting less cash for your car. You will also end up wasting a large amount of time and energy looking for the perfect buyer.

A better option to get your freedom back as quickly as possible would be to sell your car through Cash My Car. This is a popular way to sell your car quickly and at a great price. Forget paying for costly repairs that will only end up leaving you worse off and cutting into any profit when you do sell. Often the cost of repairs will be more than the sale value of your car so it’s simply not worth it.

Best deal

Even though it might be hard to believe, it’s actually possible for you to get a better deal for your Mitsubishi parts through a car wrecker. It also doesn’t matter if your car is actually running or not. Cash My Car buy all types of cars in all conditions as we understand the value and demand for individual parts and have a large network of buyers. This means we can pay you a competitive cash price and take care of everything for you quickly and easily. You get a quick sale and cash in your hands within hours not weeks.

Environmentally friendly parts disposal

If you’re wondering about what happens to your car once you sell it to us, we make sure it’s disposed of in a safe manner. We dismantle it and then sell the parts, and then safely dispose of and recycle the rest. Our Mitsubishi wreckers don’t leave your car sitting in a dusty yard to wreak havoc on the environment.

Convenient and fast

With time being such a precious commodity in today’s times you want to make sure the process of getting rid of your unwanted car is convenient and fast. This is something Cash My Car’s Mitsubishi wreckers Auckland can help you with. All you have to do is fill out our quote form and we will send one of our team to your home to inspect your car for free. They can then provide an offer for you. If you are happy with the amount then the cash is given to you right on the spot and the car removed for free.

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